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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Need to kick it into high gear

Image from Flickr, by cogdogblog
I'm a little late posting today, mostly because it's been "one of those days".  Family drama and whatnot.  It's enough to take you out of the zone you actually want your brain in when you're training.

However, it's also a way to recognize some cold realities about your training that you would miss in most other circumstances.

For me, it was the latter.

You see, I've been working out for a little bit, and it's been fine and all, but am I really pushing myself?  Oh, I'm tired and all that, but have I been actually reaching the edge?  Am I really pushing things?

A short time ago, I announced that I was going to run a Spartan Race.  My kettlebell training is definitely a viable means of training, but it won't cut it all by itself.  I need more.

My whole weight loss adventure started because I wanted to run an obstacle race.  It was a zombie run, and it sounded like a lot of fun.  However, at 236 lbs, I figured running was dangerous when you're only 5'8".  I like my knees working properly.

However, I'm down a good bit from that point.  I have a bit of cardiovascular conditioning that I didn't have before.  It's time to push things into a whole new level.

Starting next week, I intend to add some running into my training regimen.  It has to wait until next week due to logistics, but it will kick into gear then.

The truth is, I'm a runner.  I ran track in high school. It was the only sport I was half decent at, and could have been great if I had taken my training seriously back then.  If only I had been an athlete back in those days.

Oh well.  That was then, this is now.

Today, I'm unsatisfied.  Even with the running, I'm concerned that my training isn't optimized.  Am I maximizing what I can do? For a Spartan Race, I need to be strong, flexible, and have stamina.  I need to do everything I can to build that.

I get to spend the rest of the week working, studying, researching, and learning.  It's time.

Do you have it in you?

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