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This is a blog built around things that worked for me while losing weight. I am not a professional or licensed physical trainer or physical therapist. I am also not a trained motivator, though I may occasionally share personal thoughts about what sorts of techniques get me through difficulties in my life.  I'm just a guy who lost some weight, and writes for a living, and figured, "Why not sure some of that while I lose some more weight?"
As such, you should take absolutely every letter of every word you read here with a proverbial grain of salt. I refuse to be held liable for any physical or mental/emotional/psychological injury you, the reader, may suffer at any time, either as the result of attempting to do something you read here, or eating food from a recipe you see here, or for any other reason (unless, of course, I’m actually to blame, like if I backed over you in the parking lot, but even then expect an extensive litigation process).
Please, please, PLEASE use caution and sound judgment when exercising and/or training. This includes, but is not limited to: financial planning to shoulder the cost of this “hobby,” talking to your doctor or physical therapist about any limits you have, disclosing your limits to your gym and/or personal trainer, and obeying the rules of the gym you use.
The thoughts and opinions expressed on this site are mine alone — unless companies invite me to participate in product reviews. In that case, I’ll be sure to disclose all relevant and appropriate source information, but whatever I write will still be my thoughts.  It goes with the job.
-The bulk of his is blatantly ripped off from my friend George Scoville's fitness blog/journal Five for Fatting.

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