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Monday, March 18, 2013

A Hobby That Can Save Your Life

Image from Flickr, by Southern Foodways Alliance
People love hobbies.  In our modern society, we now have something our ancient ancestors didn't have, and that's free time.  Rather than spend our time and energy just putting together the necessities for survival, we have leisure time that we can devote to a variety of interests.

We have turned this into such things as collecting various things, reading, or various arts and crafts.  However, what would you do if I told you that there was a hobby that could save your life?

Having a vegetable garden actually can.

Are Celebrity Chefs Making Us Fat?

Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsey. (Image from Flickr, by jo-h)

Celebrity chefs have a tendency to draw a lot of fire when it comes to healthy eating folks.  However, are they responsible for where we has a society have fallen?  Are we a result of cooking shows which push tasty looking, but ultimately unhealthy, recipes on an unsuspecting society?

Well, Stephen Hoyles took to the digital airwaves (via his site at HoylesFitness.com) to defend these chefs.