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Monday, April 8, 2013

The joys of training

Image from Flickr, by buzzthrill
"I'm so exhausted!"

You've heard people say it, right?  You've probably said it.  I know I have. 

The problem is, they're complaining rather than bragging. 

The tired feeling?  You feel it after a training session.  It's not a bad thing.  It's the wages of hard training.  It's the price you pay for getting fit.  Rather than money, which you never get back, it's energy that will return shortly.

I finished my workout earlier today, not even being able to put my kettlebell back where it belongs.  In days gone by, I would have wondered why I did this to myself.  Why did I put myself though this kind of pain when all I really needed to do was to just watch what I ate?  After all, isn't that how I lost weight in the first place?

Today, all I tried to do was figure out what I could do to achieve that active rest I've talked about before.  A sink full of dishes would do the trick.  I hit them, my arms more like spaghetti noodles than appendages designed for accomplishing work.

Eventually, I settled down, though I still feel the fatigue in my arms even as I write this.

It's funny.  What once was a burden, something that simply had to be endured, is now a mark of accomplishment. 

I remember being in a gym once where a Marine had on a t-shirt that said, "Pain is weakness leaving the body."  That might be true in a sense, but so is exhaustion.  In fact, what's so tiring isn't swinging that kettlebell into the sky, but it's not.  What's tiring is the vile contents that our current society has filled us with being forced out of our pours.

Yeah, I'm tired, but it's all good.

I'm stronger now than yesterday, and I'll be stronger still tomorrow.

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