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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Just a single set today

Image from Flickr, by Lars Plougmann
Today, I managed just a single set.  Unsurprising, to say the least, but I just couldn't do any more.  I felt pain, and I mean the bad kind.  Right in the pelvis during my swings.  I've felt a twinge there a time or two, but nothing like this time.  Ouch.

If anyone has any feedback on this, whether it may be technique or something else, please let me know.

Other than that though, it wasn't bad.  I dragged tail on my military presses, particularly my right arm (I'm right handed), and I have no freaking clue why, unless I just blasted things to much on Monday.

However, I made it completely through the first set.  Even with the pain, I'm counting this as a win.  It was a good, hard workout, but successful.  I'm exhausted as I type this.  I'm so tired, I'm sitting through some cheesy volleyball movie and just don't have the energy to give a damn.

I'll be fine in a few, which is good.  I get to spend some quality time with my beautiful daughter (she just turned one a week ago today) while I rest from a hard workout.  She's growing up in a healthy family, even if we're not there yet.  She will grow up with the idea that health is the default, something most of us didn't grasp for far to long.

Maybe that thought is what gets me through the pain.  I think of the mistake I made with not doing this for my son when he was younger, and how I don't want to make it again.  The pain is there, but it's just an obstacle, not an excuse.  She will know this as a universal truth, while my son is having to learn it.

Every parent wants to pass one something of value to their kids.  Maybe the best thing we can can pass to them is an understanding about healthy living.  The trick is learning that understanding ourselves first.

That's just small fry though.

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