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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Just the beginning

Every blog needs a first post, and this one isn't any different.  First, let me confess.  I'm a big old fat boy who is trying to host a health and wellness blog.  Ironic, ain't it?  So, why would my fat but think I have anything to offer on the subject, when I'm 5'8" tall and weighing in at 214 lbs?

Well, to start with, I used to weight 237 lbs.  I've already lost 23 lbs, and I had actually lost over 30 lbs at one point.  Yeah, I've put a good bit back on, because I've done like so many other people have done.  I said, "I've done so well, so what's one doughnut going to do?"

It does a hell of a lot if you're not careful, that's what.

Blogs are about sharing information, and this blog isn't any different.  However, there are some personal reasons as well.  You see, I've been a blogger since 2008.  I'm usually writing about politics (which won't show up here unless they directly relate to health, fitness, wellness, etc).  In 2011, I became the first blogger to ever buy a newspaper.  Yeah, I'm famous, so love me.

...what's that?  You've never heard of me?  Meh, no worries.  I'm kind of used to it actually.

Back on point and far more seriously, I make my living by writing stuff.  Things have been tough, so I've been looking at new revenue streams, so yeah, I want to make some money here.  However, it's also about being accountable.  If I'm making money, I'm far more likely to pay attention to the blog and keep writing.  After all, if it's putting food in my belly, then I'd better stay focused, right?

If I'm staying focused, it means I'm having to watch what I'm eating and make sure I'm getting plenty of exercise.  You know, all the stuff this blog is about.  There will be a lot of stuff to talk about, and I intend to stay on top of as much information as I can, and share it as best I can.  I'm a journalist, and a fat butt trying to get buff, so I'll be bringing all of this to bear on the subject.

So, stick around and check it all out!

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