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Friday, March 15, 2013

The Only Thing You Need for Shredded Abs

Do you want that awesome six pack?

Of course you do.  Every guy who reads fitness blogs wants that.  Well, back before I became a disgusting fat blob, I had that.  In high school, I had the abs that every guy in school envied.  That's right, I'm a fat boy who knows the trick!

So what is this secret?  What exercise or piece of equipment will make you look like Brad Pitt in Fight Club or Gerard Butler in 300?

It's called your diet.

You can't spot reduce.  You lose fat where ever your body decides you're going to lose it.  To achieve that "six pack" look, you will need to reduce body fat.  How far that needs to be depends on your own body, but mine were visible back in my 12 percent body fat days.

Unfortunately, everyone wants a magic bullet.  They want to know how many crunches or whatever it will take to "tone" them up.  The truth is, back when I had mine, I hadn't done a blasted thing to get them according to the "conventional wisdom" of so many folks.  All I did was maintain a low body fat percentage.

However, that doesn't sound good on an infomercial.  They can't sell it for six low monthly payments of $59.99.  It doesn't sell more than a single issue of a magazine on a newsstand either.  So, the fitness industry has invented a million products to exercise the abdominal muscles and continues to make people think that this is the last product/exercise they will ever need to shred those abs.

Now, that's not to say your abs don't need work.  You should work all your muscles, including those.  The thing is, those aren't what make your abs show.  It never will be, no matter how much you cut it.

So, the next time you see some article promising your ripped abs, remember that unless the article is a diet, it's just wasting your time.

Photo courtesy of Flickr by from Tobyotter

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